Your Trusted Public Health Compliance Consulting Firm

Your Trusted Public Health Compliance Consulting Firm

Anchor Hygiene Services Ltd. offers public health consulting services to shipping companies world-wide. Since 2013, we have been lending our expertise to various clients, including ship support businesses, helping them meet the regulations set by the United States CDC Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP).


What We Do

We provide a full range of public health support services, which include:

  • HACCP on-the-job assistance in preparation for port authority public health inspections worldwide
  • New ship and revitalization construction work
  • Operational USPHS style inspections
  • Outbreak prevention planning and outbreak resolution
  • Overseeing recreational and potable water management
  • Oversight and inspections during new ship construction and refurbishments
  • Training and development of shipboard management and crew

The Importance of Public Health Regulation Compliance

There is a reason for every public health regulation. They play a crucial role in addressing emerging public health threats and protecting the well-being of defined populations.

As a cruise ship company, you only want the best cruise experience for your guests. This includes making sure that your facilities and employees are compliant with the standards set by the United States CDC Vessel Sanitation Program. By adhering to their regulations, you are protecting your guests from potential health and safety hazards and this enhances their overall experience during the cruise. You also help safeguard your employees from the risks that come along with the nature of their work.

If you need help in getting in-depth understanding of why you are required to follow certain public health regulations, feel free to ask one of our experts at Anchor Hygiene Services Ltd. We’ll gladly answer all of your questions. Anchor Hygiene Services Ltd. is compliant with The World Health Organisation (WHO) and various world-wide governing bodies.

Captain Jaret T. Ames

Chief, CDC Vessel Sanitation Program

This letter is to provide my professional opinion on the qualifications and work experience of Mr. lain Hay. My history with Mr. Hay stretches back to 1998 when I was the Assistant Deputy Chief of the CDC Vessel Sanitation Program and managing our Ft. Lauderdale, FL office. He was a Hotel Director with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line in that period, so our interactions were initially related only to my inspection visits to ships where he was assigned. I can recall that even then lain was unique in his interest in public health. He was not then or ever interested strictly in what was required; rather, he had a keen interest in what the requirement was based on or what it was intended to prevent. I found this a refreshing view and came to find that Mr. Hay was one of the few managers onboard who was really trying to better understand the public health requirements for the express purpose of finding the best way to incorporate them into the existing structure and pattern of the ships operations.



Michael Bayley

Iain Hay reported to me in his capacity as Hotel Director when I was Senior Vice President for operations at Royal Caribbean International. He also assisted in public health crises aboard Island Escape while I was Managing Director for Island Cruises Ltd.

Iain is a dedicated public health expert who is entirely self-motivated and who, through his strong inter-personal skills, is well respected aboard the many ships he has served and by public health authorities around the world.

Iain travelled throughout the 21-ship RCCL ship fleet for 8-years and was the most successful of all the travelling positions throughout that time, consistently achieving exceptional results without ever losing the respect and cooperation of the crew or sight of the company’s goals.

I would not hesitate to recommend Anchor Hygiene Services Ltd., under Iain’s direction, to provide public health support to any cruise operator. Indeed, we are currently actively using the services of AHS across the Royal Caribbean family of cruise lines.

Michael BayleyPresident and CEO Celebrity Cruises Inc.


Gerhard Baur C.E.C. C.G.C.

I have known Mr. Iain Hay of Anchor Hygiene Services Ltd for many years while working for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. His Position at the time was Hotel Director/Fleet Public Health Officer. He would conduct periodic inspections on the company’s vessels.

Mr Hay has amazing knowledge in both Hotel and Food Safety Industries and never failed to answer a single question regarding either. He has an amazing ability to answer questions in a simple and easy to understand manner and then elaborate on it when deemed necessary. He is very much at home educating teams of Hotel and Service Industry professionals from around world as well as those from many other professionals whose work is directly or indirectly related to Food.

He also assisted me with the design, setup and operation of our new Culinary and Hotel Management College (Treston International College) in Manila, Philippines. His advice helped us to set up facilities that are truly world class and conform to the toughest food safety standards in the Country.

Overall I would highly recommend Mr. Hay and Anchor Hygiene Services to anyone, anywhere in the world, in need of Food Safety Solutions from training to execution to follow up, as he will always deliver on what he promises.

Gerhard Baur C.E.C. C.G.C.Director for Culinary Management Treston International College


Adam M. Goldstein

Iain Hay was employed in the Royal Caribbean International fleet for 11 years as an F&B Manager and Hotel Director. From the past 4 years Iain has been providing public health independent consulting work to ships in the RCL fleet. Iain is a dedicated professional who is very knowledgeable in the public health field and is highly respected by our shipboard management. We are very pleased with Iain’s contribution to our public health program.

Adam M. Goldstein President & CEO Royal Caribbean International


Manny Rivas

We are very pleased to use Anchor Hygiene Services for public health consultancy. Their managing Director, Iain Hay, has been providing public health inspections and classroom-style training for our shipboard crewmembers in the Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises fleets for the past four years. Iain is a hard working professional, with very good communication skills and is very familiar with the present public health international regulations. We are very happy with the quality of his work.

Manny Rivas Public Health Manager Royal Caribbean International


Steve Furness

Iain Hay is a solid professional with excellent knowledge in the Public Health and Environmental field. I would not hesitate to recommend his service. In addition, Iain Hay is very good at training and passing on his knowledge to line employees and management.

Steve Furness, Vice President of Operations, Apollo Ship Chandlers Inc


Captain John McNeill

Some time ago, Iain Hay was sent to an Island Cruises Group ship, on which I was Captain, on a trouble shooting mission. Above all, Iain is a true professional with an eye for detail combined with extensive knowledge of his subject. Needless to say, he quickly rectified the problem and continued to work with us on an ongoing basis. I have watched Iain’s progression in his chosen field with interest, and I have no hesitation in recommending both his character and his professional abilities.

Captain John McNeill


Karin Luppes

For many years I had the pleasure to be working with Iain at Royal Caribbean International. He is a dedicated professional with extensive managerial experience in the cruise industry. His knowledge of public health and food safety is unprecedented and Iain is always willing to share his wealth of knowledge and experience. His communication skills are excellent and he is well-respected by crew, staff and officers. Iain is an integer individual with high ethical standards who would be an asset to any company needing his expertise, experience and work ethics.

Karin Luppes, Hotel General Manager, Princess Cruises